We can help you shape a vision and a concrete strategy to achieve your goals through Roadmapping workshop.
We will identify potential bottlenecks that hinder your company's growth in the e-channel.

What value does the roadmapping process create for you?

  • Get an overview about your company's e-commerce status today.
  • Find out which solutions can boost your e-commerce business
  • Get to know what separates your company's e-environment from the future.
  • Get an action plan with concrete steps to improve your e-commerce business

Feedback from our clients:

"The roadmapping process allowed us to see things from the outside and provided honest and concrete feedback on today's processes."

"Through the discussion that took place in the roadmapping process, I also started to see myself what changes are needed in today's processes for my company."

Roadmapping process

1. Phase

Joint workshop

What is success and the vision for your organization? What systems you have in place and why? We will help you develop a vision and a concrete strategy to achieve new goals. We will identify the potential bottlenecks that hinder your company's growth in the ecommerce.

2. Phase

In-depth analysis

We will analyze the results of the workshop and draw a visual overview of the main systems and key processes in place and the purposes for which they work. The result will be on a visual overview of your e-commerce business, with concrete suggestions for improvement.

3. Phase

Roadmap presentation

Once the report is ready, we will arrange the next meeting to give you an overview, outlining possible solutions to help your company. For next investment you need to understand the potential benefits they will bring in and the order in which they should be implemented.

Visualizing your business opportunities - Roadmapping

Based on the information gathered in the roadmapping process, we visualize the current state of the business, the vision for the future and for the next action steps we recommend.

Roadmapping example

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