To meet your business requirements, we test the suitability of a specific technical solution in proof of concept workshop.

Let's check the solution with Proof of Concept workshop

The scope and technical requirements of a solution aren’t often enough to start implementing a new e-commerce solution on their own. It is also important to make sure that the planned investment will pay off. Therefore, after visualizing your business opportunities, it is worth moving on to the mini-analysis phase (a demonstration of a method or idea to prove its potential) - this reduces the risk of investing into a solution that requires a lot of work and money but does not support the business objectives as expected.

How does Proof of Concept work?



The first stage is usually an analysis workshop, where FinestCommerce representatives gather information about the company name, main processes, etc.

It is important that both the process managers and the potential end users of the proposed solution attend the workshop.

2. Phase

Solution preparation

The second stage is the preparation of the solution. As is normally proposed, based on the information gathered in the first stage workshop, in relation to the client's current business processes and business objectives.

3. Phase

Solution presentation

The final stage is a presentation of the initial prototype of the proposed solution, demonstrating how it can help solve the challenges the company is facing today and support future business growth.

By the end of the prototype demonstration, it will be clear whether the proposed solution is able to
meet the company's expectations and objectives and whether the planned investment justifies itself.

Why  Proof of Concept workshop?

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We check the feasibility and validity of your solution

Step-by-step walkthrough of the new solution's journey

Reduce the risk of investing in a new solution

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