A simple and convenient solution to collect and manage product information, create a catalogue of products and feed it into e-business channels.
In other words, a product information management makes the shopping experience process faster for your business.

Products sell faster

There are many benefits of using a PIM. Firstly, the ability to speed up the process of putting new products to the market. Secondly, simplify the process of continually expanding your assortment.

Consistent information across channels

Above all, with PIM you can manage all the information about the products you sell in one central system. The environment lets you to put up the information you need in the channels you want. Also, information will be on the in the same type and nothing won't be missing from product data.

Providing a better shopping experience

The more accurate information your customers can get about the products they are interested in, the more likely you will avoid unpleasant surprises later. In other words, the better their shopping experience will be.

Differentiation from competitors

The clearer and more detailed product information your online shop provides, the more trust it will inspire in your customers. Being able to help your customers choose between products that interest them - this will help you stand out in the marketplace. In addition, you can increase the likelihood of your customers suggesting your shop to their friends also by very informative e-shop.

Greater cart value

Thanks to PIM, you can save valuable time entering and changing product information. Similarly, you can find smart ways to boost cross-selling. Thoughtfully organized cross-selling increases the chances that a customer will leave your e-shop delighted to buy not just one product, but several.

Reduce the number of refunds

By providing your customers detailed and up-to-date product information, you significantly reduce the risk of them being disappointed and returning your product. Above all, we all know that every mile of transport is a resource. In conclusion, as a business you can reduce your carbon footprint.

What information is in PIM?


Product description and translations


Instructions for use and maintenance


Pictures, videos and files


Specifications, dimensions, ingredients

Who needs PIM?


who seek to deliver a consistent omni-channel product experience.

Retailers and brands

who want to strengthen relationships with suppliers.

eCommerce Managers

who understand the impact of product data quality on online sales.

Data Governance teams

who want to track. Therefore, meet compliance needs.

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